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Nvidia 41.09 And 41.04 Driver.

Just downloaded the Nvidia 41.09 from Here (WHQL Pending i believe),
and i did have the 40.72 driver installed before this new one and without changing any other settings the driver has increased my 3dmark score more than 200points+ which i may add is a first since the jump from 30.** to the 40.**,so i tested With unreal 2003 and can see a 5fps increase on it.

Have just seen the 41.04 WHQL driver here and will be testing it out soon (Benchmarking soo boring!)

Edit:-i have not posted actual figures due to the fact that someone may turn this into a what score do you have?"i have a better score than that"thread.

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Hey Bony,

You didn't note which card you have (I assume a GF4). Decided to try them on my GF2 GTS (32m ddr). I went from 29.42 to Omega's 40.72, just 15pts more on 3Dmark and 1fps on the UT2003 benchmark. But Omega's look nicer/brighter. Tried NVIDIA's 41.09, both benchmark's results are identical to Omega's. I probably will go back to Omega's because I think they look the best to me (but it's a hard call).

The moral of the story is the GF2's were pretty much maxed out by the 29.42 release.


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what model ? ( brand ) .. cause we all know that Detonators 4.xx increases especially performance on the latest products ..

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