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NTFS.Org Stickers

I want to see site stickers for sale!

I think people would buy... I mean, I would!
I'd love to have a few, to stick places. That would be really cool, and maybe the creator of this idea could get a one or two free, if ever :happy:

Does this seem possible?


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
i'm not gona pay for the stickers:eek: we should get them free as we will spread them + give the site free publicity:D :cool:


I may actually be insane.

We could probably set up a cheesy cafe-press store (cafepress.com + cafeshops.com) as many other sites do, because its free.

Only problem is that we dont have a definitive logo yet, i mean we have that thing in the top left of the site, but when the new themes come in, that'll change.
Will look into such ventures... would be pretty cool to have our own set of NTFS Memorabilia... wonder how popular it would be though...

Will see what is possible.. and talk it over with Mr. Waddster ;)



I may actually be insane.
Cafepress will ship items to the UK, obviously this costs more than ordering within the US, but it can be done. There was a UK Based company who did the same thing, but they've oddly decided to vanish from the face of the earth/net ... goons


I'm sorry Hal...
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yeah, i've bought stuff form them before through other sites, just that it costs more, as you say, and takes longer.

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