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would someone be able to make the NTFS.ORG logo to the size of

4 inches (10.2cm) by what ever the = length would be. i know how to enlarge it but it gets picxelated that big, can someone make me a smooth one and it is jsut going to be used as a stencil for my beaf case pc mod on the top. is there anyone that would be able to do that for me???


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Can you specify the log you want? There's a few which have been tossed around over the past several months. Or should I assume you mean the main tag in the upper left corner of the ntfs.org homepage. :)
the only one i know of is the one in the top left corner, but i dont rember seeing the others, is there anyone that has them????

i jsut want somethong that shows prid in NTFS.org and that looks COOL with 2 120mm neon blue fans near it unless the logo can be made so that the O in org is a 120mm diamater hole so i can have a fan in it. the total demchions of the case i are around

16.5 inches width
11 and 1/10th


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Well I can do it, but need to start from scratch. Played a bit with a resized image but I'll be here for weeks getting it pixel perfect for a stencil.

Got some time (day or two)? Will begin project tomorrow if ya like.


awhh CRAP... you want a stencil and a 80 mm fan hole. I was just making a higher rez logo. Now its gonna take me a long time.
LOL the can thing is not a biggie i can always work around that
so i take it u saw hte layout LOL

you dont need to make it for that i can easly get around that
that cool
now to figure out shal i sentcil it or make a huge sticker

thanks now to see what Lighter has come up with

but thank you 2 for helping me on this one. a little promo for NTFS but now i am off to bed and thanks agian for your help
thanks. they turned out better than i hoped , it might be doing hard to make a stencil out of it i might just make a huge sticker but i am gonna try a stencil test on a box first, thanks for the help

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