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nt (please delete thread)

Bytes Back

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Ah, but while we're sick of it, other people aren't. You cant just close threads because they offend you.

I'm utterly sick of P4 vs AMD threads, another has sprung up and no doubt no-one will close it unless it gets out of hand. But that's how it should be.
I am one of the moderators, who likes the thread, but only because so many people here seem to enjoy it, plus it gives people a chance who aren't as techincal savvy as some of us, a chance to actually feel like they are part of the forum.

If it is closed it won't be by me, unless I'm told to close it.

But if some other mod closes it I wouldn't have a problem with that either, (well I wouldn't say anything public about it). LOL

dont close it... it will leave ppl homeless... even shatter some ppls lives... how sad... been overlooked for too long... m00



Beware the G-Man
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It IS NOT going to be closed.

What the hell is wrong with it.
It's a word association for cryin out loud, they're not posting smut, there is no profanity.
What is this a book burning!

The Lounge area is for entertainment. You don't have to go there if you don't want to. And if we start to close all these threads we're gonna wind up just like any other boring tech site.

This site has caracter. and a sence of life to it. You take that away and it's down hill.

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Originally posted by gonaads
This site has caracter. and a sence of life to it. You take that away and it's down hill.
I think we call that a community and all comunities have to be tolerant, nice point Gonaads :D


Personally, I could care less if its there. That's what the entertainment group is for... non technical discussions.
I think "Onling Gaming" should be moved out of there.

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