not talkin to gonaads anymore...


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yeah i said that...he said ac/dc was great. WAS!?!?! they still r. They r comin out with a new cd durin the we will see if they r not great.


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Electronic Punk said:
Don't Grateful Dead still release stuff tho?
They may release older stuff as the Grateful Dead but now they are The Dead minus the Grateful part and with them touring I wouldn't be surprised to see some new releases even if it was tour albums.


themafia_69 said:
fo shizzle my dizzle wizzle, you wannizle to talkizle to the oldizle is the bestdzle? LOLIZLE
didnt that speak die out a few months back... at least thats what I was hoping for. :D


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PseudoKiller said:
didnt that speak die out a few months back... at least thats what I was hoping for. :D
I don't actually think that "speak" was ever even "in" ... only people that used it were the same clueless people that have pounding stereo's and are 3/4 deaf :p


Dabba Dooba
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