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not Madonna anymore!


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I think it's dumb... but hey it's her dissision. But she was named for her mother and she died very young. For me, to change your name knowing why you were named the way you are named is odd. She says it's not anything against the memory of her and she wants the energy from a new name. But I think she would be getting mass amounts of energy from her mother's name and her mother's spirit.

Oh well... another Prince wanna-be. :p Then in a couple of years when the alure wears off she'll want her old name back.


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I heard this on Howard this morning. Unlike Prince though she isn't going to make anyone call her by this new name or anything, and will also continue to recognize her "old" name.
PseudoKiller said:
more media attention for a has-been singer/actress (term used loosely)
She never was really an actress... she just wanted to be one. As a person who is a little bit older than most people I run across on these sites I will say her music has definitely matured. I hated the old/original Madonna because of how pathetic the music was to me. Over the years, however, she has released some more mature and real music. I still don't like Madonna, per se, but I respect some of the newer stuff.

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