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Norton System Works 2003


NTFS Member...Again..
Anyone remember a few months back, there was a post to sign -up for a free copy of this at Symantec's site? Did anyone sign-up and actually recieve it?

Just wondering....


NTFS Member...Again..
Did everyone recieve a reply from Symantec?
This was mine;

Thank you for your interest in Norton SystemWorks Professional 2003.You will receive your free NFR copy within a few weeks.

For more information on Symantec products and the Symantec Partner Program, visit http://www.symantec.com/partners. If you are already a Symantec Partner, re-visit PartnerNet and logon to our new PartnerPromos site (separate password required) to take advantage of PartnerMarketing, a new direct marketing tool that allows you to customize and send Symantec direct and e-mail campaigns to your customers with a simple click of your mouse!

Symantec Partner Program Management
e-mail: PartnerUS@symantec.com

This was dated 10/17/2002
I got a letter in the mail about a week ago stating that it was intened for a "special" audience and was a mistake and blah blah blah.....

well we aren't getting a free copy is what it comes down to.

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