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Norton System Works 2002 & XP


First of all, I am and have been an advocate for the past 4 years of Symantec.

After a very nasty initial experience with McAfee Suite, Oil Change, Nuts & Bolts etc - I turned to and have always run Norton System Works on my previous two puters.

I just recently upgraded to Norton Sytem Works 2002 on my old Compaq running Windows 98. As in the past - I was pleased. One thing led to another (my grandaughter needed a more up to date system and of course I WANTED to upgrade - so I got myself a new puter (HP750n) (I won't bore you with the details)and the grandaughter got the old Compaq! I put Norton Systemworks 2000 back on the Compaq and loaded 2002 on the HP!

Well, Symantec documents very well what on 2002 works with XP. (Not really a whole lot beyond the outstanding Antivirus Program.)

My old faithful defragmenter (Speed Disk) does not work as thoroughly or as quickly as it did on Windows98 - so I got to wondering????

There is a disk defragmenter and disk clean-up under "tools" in XP and there is also a PC Doctor for XP under HP Tools.

So since that's about all that works with XP under Norton System Works 2002 - wouldn't I be better off just using the Antivirus program from 2002 and getting rid of the other items??

Bottom line I guess is can anyone provide any guidance as to the thoroughness and reliablity of XP's defragmenter and PC Doctor??? I have come to trust my Symantec utilities!

I'm running a Pentium 4 at 1.6 GHz with an 80 G harddrive and 512 MB DDR SDRAM - so I do not have the same concerns about running programs in the background as I had running a 350 MHz Compaq with 96 MB Ram!

I am sure someone out there has some experience in this area and could possibly take the time to enlighten me - so my thanks in advance!

PS - I do not think anyone can talk me out of NAV 2002 - so that's a mute subject area!

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