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I'm trying
Having just upgraded my laptop recently I have made a real effort to make this computor Norton free. I have used Symantec's products for years but in the last two years I find their products are memory hogs and just don't do the job.
EG:N.A.V. vs. A.V.G.( on new machine) scan new laptop after file transfer via XP file and transfer. 256 kletz etc. viruses now on machine
also scans in about 60% of the time
Diskreet vs. speed disk - faster and less system resources
ghost vs. drive image - network transfers far easier
And lets not forget the biggest worm Winfax pro 10.02 ( can't use 10.00 on XP) it worms it's way in and you can never remove all of it.
I would appreciate comments on this as I have many $$$ invested in Norton and feel the products are adequate but bloated and not at the top of the spectrum.

tosh 5100 satellite,1.7m,512ddr,64nvid,40gig

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I find anything Norton is bloated. There is heaps, & I mean heaps of freeware that probably don't just keep up with norton but overtake it in performance. Why pay when you can get better for free?


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there stuff works really well ( i use it) but it is a big resource hog. specily when doing a virus scan etc:(


NAV continues to receive the top ratings from virtually every key source and, in my opinion, deservedly so. As for the rest of Systemworks, well - I've been using Norton products for 18 years and this is the first time I can say they have, for the most part, become redundant (at least in XP)

Speed Disk doesn't do as good a job with NT based OS's as Diskeeper and PerfectDisk

Norton Disk Doctor cannot repair problems it finds and defaults to checkdisk because of XP's proprietary file handling nature

Many of Norton Utilities' functions are duplicated by XP's own utilities

Clean Sweep still provides some useful functions, but enough to justify the entire suite? I don't think so.

I've long been a Norton / Symantec advocate & champion - but until they add some new functionality (which I have to believe they will - and quickly), I can no longer recommend the Systemworks product (other than NAV, of course).
I'm kind of on the fence here.

Some of the stuff works ok, like Clean Sweep, but others are really a big resource hog. NAV has to top the list of resource hogs. And it has missed viruses that free antivrus checkers have found.

flip a coin



NAV Pro 2003 with NPF 2003 works for me quite nicely...throw in Ghost 2003 and away you go :)


I will not give up my NAV - however I agree with Allan - in XP - NSW is getting less valuable to me.

My daughter always buys me the latest NSW for Christmas (as she has this year) - however I am going to tell her to just get the new NAV next year.

Since I have been given NSW - I use System Doc to monitor WinDoc, CPU useage, Free HD space and Optimization.

I use One Button Checkup on a weekly basis. (auto scheduled)

I set my Optimization to alarm at 80% since it never reads the defragmentation correctly - and I use the built-in XP defragger as I found Speed Disk just isn't effective on XP!

BTW - when it says 80%, the built in defragger always says less than that - but I go ahead and defrag anyway (I basically use it as a reminder that it is time to defrag)

I use the free space and the cpu useage just as a quick check - as I don't presently have any other quickly visible indicators installed.

I haven't used Disk Doctor since I got XP - but I have used Clean Sweep as a means of cleaning up internet clutter (temp files, history, cookies etc) - probably just because it is there.

I am still trying to figure out the purpose of WebCleanup in NSW 2003 - it seems like it is pretty much like clean sweep - except permits you to delete - or not delete certain internet related items.

I still have some reading to do on the use of the Disk Cleanup Tool in XP - but it sounds like it does everything Clean Sweep and WebCleanup does.

I am having a brain fart at the moment - what would replace WinDoctor and/or One button Checkup? I have something called PC Doctor For Windows XP in my HP folder - but have never even opened it - let alone used it!

Anyway - in my humble opinion, NSW is probably not needed in XP - but I still love my NAV and that is just my opinion!


Okay - I opened it - finally - the intro in Help says:

PC-Doctor is an easy-to-use program which allows you to test and gather information about your PC in order to ensure your system is working correctly, to resolve problems, and to add new components,.
PC-Doctor provides support for your PC and its hardware with two main functions: Diagnostics and System Information. Diagnostics allows you to test your PC hardware through simple interactive tests and automated tests. For instance, the keyboard test and the audio test are interactive tests and are responsive to your input. For automated tests, such as the hard drive test and the VGA test, PC-Doctor creates a log that shows the test results and displays information about any problems.

System Information modules gather information about your system at a particular point in time. They display information just like web pages in an easy-to-read format with colors and varying text sizes. This information can be crucial when you want to add a component to your system or when you have a conflict such as when two components try to share the same system resources.
Please refer to the Diagnostics and System Information sections of PC-Doctor Help for details on specific tests and reports.

Important Note: PC-Doctor will not hurt your PC. PC-Doctor tests will not change any of your system settings or interfere with or cause any of your system's components to malfunction.

Copyright (C) 1999 Watergate Software, Inc. All rights reserved.

Me is now non the wiser!:confused:
I just use NAV2002.

About it missing viruses (virii?) ... I don't know. I've never had it miss any virus on this box. LiveUpdate gets new definitions every Wednesday
NAV is the best anti-virus in the history of PCs :p
but Norton Utilities really sucks I find that Reg-cleaner which is free better than it.

the problem is not with NAV eating your memory,the problem is with you people go get extra ram. :p


Has anyone tried "PerfectDisk"?

It can be found at........(www.raxco.com)..... I have been using

the trial download for the last 2 weeks, and it is looking pretty good.

Very fast as well.
Posted by Octopus
NAV is the best anti-virus in the history of PCs
You can't possibly be serious?!?


Another Quotation:
"In February, NOD32 antivirus software received its 17th Virus Bulletin 100% award, continuing to dominate the antivirus security industry in detection ability. It is the only product to have never missed a Virus in the Wild during testing by the Virus Bulletin."
Taken from http://www.antivirus-software.net/
I can quote perhaps 6 or 7 more, NONE of them rate norton!!

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