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Norton Ghost and XP

Will it or will it not work? I'm considering getting another harddrive. But would I be able to ghost it from my existing drive successfully? If I remember correctly, I think I've read somewhere that Ghost doesn't always work with XP. If I'm crazy, let me know. If not though, are there anyways around it? I really don't feel like re-installing everything again.

Bob S

I used Ghost 2002 from Norton SystemWorks Pro on XP Pro all of last year with no problems what so ever. I just got Norton System Works Pro 2003.

Note that the software itself is not much changed from 2002, with the exception of Ghost. Ghost is much easier to use, once configured. You do not need a boot disk and it has support for external drives etc using USB, zip drives, etc with out having to mess around by altering your boot disc.

Also, with current rebates, you can buy on Amazon.com for $79.00 (free? shipping) and send in a $20.00 rebate to Symantec for buying, a $30.00 rebate to Symantec as an upgrader (from 2002) and a $10.00 rebate to Amazon. End result is it cost you $20.00.


Bob S.

Bob S

$50.00?? My math says $20.00 and you eliminate the need to buy another year of Virus updates! But to each his own.

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