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No usb ports avail for printer?


The Analog Kid
Ok, i am trying to connect a HP officejet d135. after connecting i'm not even getting "found new hardware" etc.

Looking in print properties, it seems none of the usb ports are avail for printers. I'm lost, help me?

The intel usbcheck program says the system is fully functional


Free to Fly
this may seem like a patronizing question so i apologise, but when you try and detect the printer is it switched on? i have a usb epson printer and i forgot to turn it on and wondered why it wouldnt show up


Did you first install the Printer Software?

Try disconnecting the printer, rebooting, and plugging it into the USB after XP loads.


The Analog Kid
I did install the software/driver first. Didn't work. Tried all methods of plugging usb in, other ports etc. Nothing. Tried "add printer" to install the drivers. I think the main problem is that no usb ports are available under "printers and faxes>properties>ports" I see LPT 1, LPT2, COMM 1-4, and print to file. No usb. If I try to create a port, I am asked to find the .ini. Is there an .ini I could use to activate a port or something?

By the way, this is not my computer. I'm trying to set this up for my grandparents. my comp has usb 001, usb 002, usb 003 available as printer ports.

It almost seems to me that the printer is not communicating to the pc.


The Analog Kid

got a laptop and it recognized the printer no prob

here's my idea, feel free to comment.

use WinDriverBackup to backup the driver from the laptop and then install that on the other computer
Originally posted by dreamliner77
I did install the software/driver first. Didn't work.
I am also using OfficeJet (PSC750), I guess this about a year older than yours. When I first opened the box there was a big notice that XP users should NOT install the provided software/drivers.

Maybe you should uninstall the drivers then just plug in the cables and let XP find the required drivers itself. This was what i've done and it works.
that's what i did originally since the cd that came with the printer was v1.0 and not for xp.

so, I uninstalled that so I could install v3.0 downloaded from the HP site.

Now the computer won't recognize the printer.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Seeing as zalood says that the piece of paper said don't install the driver maybe because you did that is the end of it. Is it possible for you to remove all traces of the printer, do a system restore to before the printer came into it, then try with the xp driver?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Just been looking at the hp site. It says there is a help file here> C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\AiO\hp officejet d series\Help.
Did you follow the installation guide here.
I have tried via hp's instructions multiple times. But that was with software version 3.0. It seems it was updated to 3.20 as of December 5. But I really don't think that would make a difference seeing as it isn't being detected as a plug n play printer


How many USB ports do you have? Have you tried each one?

I have av ASUS P4T and it has 4 USB 1.1 ports, however the printer will only work on one of them (USB001).....
Just a thought . .

1. check if the usb port works with other device
2. try rollback the driver
3. add new hardware manually see if its listed on a new hardware
4. you might also need to search the hp cd for inf files and get rid the same file from your inf folder
there is no residue of the old drivers

system restore will not work (tried, it will not restore)

all usb ports have been tried (4), none work, all work for other devices.

No usb devices are listed as available as printer ports


(I hate HP)
ok, I finally got it to work.

Seems there was a corrupt IEEE1284 driver. Uninstalled that, all went smooth after that

One small question left..

Does anyone have the OCR software that HP uses? Or another good OCR software my grandfather could use? HP doesn't package that with the online download and I really don't feel right about sending $$$ to HP for software I should already have.

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