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NIS 2005 and surfing???

Since installing it I am unable to surf to SuprNova.org.

Why is this site being blocked it seems?

Anyone else having this problem?
Why do you think it's being blocked, coz it's and "illegal" site, it's full of pirated programs. You can go to NIS settings and put it as an allow, coz NIS automatically blocks it
No i think they do because a friend of mine had NIS as well and it wouldn't let him open packetnews.com it said site forbiden or something like that


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Well I say this, I have Norton 2005 and I have checked out suprnova with no problems. Apparently the site went down a few days ago, its not Norton more probable is the RIAA finally got to them or their server was over loaded and crashed as they have been known to do.
Well, I',m able to surf SuprNova.org again to a certain extent meaning I can get to the main page but once I try to get to a certain category, I am stopped dead in my tracks.

I guess it's SuprNova.org going through problems and not NIS 2005 afterall!


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sloncek @ 22-11-2004 21:22
SuprNova still having problems
We are aware that a lot of your friends or even your cannot access SuprNova without a proxy. The problem is with our servers and we are still working on it.
Once again we are sorry and we're doing our best to get this solved!

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