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NFSU 2 texture problem


Skate Ivanhoe Frequently
I installed NFSU 2 a few weeks ago now and have been playing it fine on my 3ghz athlon with 1gb ram an radeon 9600 pro. My problem is that the textures seem grainy and washed out on everything but the cars, even on highest graphics settings. All environment and light textures etc.. look like they've been made in paint. Any help on this would be much appreciated.


OSNN.net Adventurer
I have noticed this problem before, but only for the “road” textures. When ever this happens though I have found you just need to reload the game (from the main menu) and all is back to normal again. I don’t think this really helps but I think it clearly identifys this as a bug.


Skate Ivanhoe Frequently
Thanks but that does'nt seem to work. This morning i got the latest catalyst drivers and it now all seems allot crisper so i think i've fixed it.

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