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Newsih compy for my parents.


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I am building a new system for my parents to get them out of the 66Mhz FSB era.

They have a copy of XP upgrade and a 120Gb HDD. I have a X800GTO AGP. I would like to spend less then $250 on the rest. So far I have found.

Linkworld case with 430W PSU, Black. $23.99
Foxconn 748K7 Mobo $34.00
Corsair Value RAM DDR400 2X 256Mb $40.50
AMD Sempron 2400+ Retail $80.00
Lite-On CD-R, DVD DL $40.99

Any suggestions? Complaints?

I already feel bad about the case and PSU, but people seem to like it.

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No Complaints Just some suggestions to look at.

Super Case PC-194KM
Comes with USB keyboard and mouse.
On sale right now at Microcenter for $39.99 was $59.99, I just bought one last week thinking about building a system for my granddaughter (6 yrs old).
It's a decent case I've been messing with it all morning.

Sony Cd-DVD RW-DL $38.99 with 25pk free Verbatim CDR Media and free shipping. Newegg #DW-Q30A BK-OEM
There nice drives I have two of them for cheaper systems and they seem to work better that two other brand name retail DVD burners I have in other systems.
Newegg Sony drive

Boxed Sempron Processor 2600+ at Microcenter on sale for $77.99
Microcenter Sempron

ABIT KV-85 Socket 754 mATX at microcenter on sale for $55.99 with onboard lan,audio and video.
Microcenter Board

On the memory I think I would just go with 1Gb from the start. CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) at Newegg for $76.25
Newegg Memory

If you buy from both places it's not much more than you wanted to spend even with the extra memory. About $45.00 it looks like.

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