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Hi Guys,

Well I scored a PIII433 computer that I am thinking of installing Linux in it just to learn on. Which distro should begin with. I am thinking to go with Mandrake 10. What do you guys think?

I've heard that SuSE makes a nice starting distro, but I've never actually used it. :)

I personally began with RedHat 6 as my very first distro (talk about horrendous hardware support back then :p). You could go with Fedora Core or Mandrake too. Another option is Knoppix, which you can use as a LiveCD - you don't need to install anything to your hard disk until you're sure you want to.


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I'd say SuSE over any other RPM based distro, i have used it for a while for various tasks and even tried it as a server.
But another good choice would be Fedora Core :)

Mandrake in my opinion is far too bloated, and will slow down your system further than SuSE or Fedora will.


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Thanks guys,

I am dedicating this 'puter to Linux to learn on, so I am not concerned about installing anything. My main thing is to learn and having no problems with hardware. Last thing I need from the get-go is Linux not recognizing the most basic hardware I have it on. I do have some manuals already as well.

I read something about "Slackware". I heard it is basically *BSD with a GUI. Would that be a newbie consideration?

Thanks for all your input so far.

Slackware is what I started out on before I moved to BSD.

If you ask me BSD is easier and nicer for a newbie to learn - theres just a lot more to learn before you get a pretty GUI.

In all cases be prepared to break it and clean install a few times befoer figuing out how to fix it by hand :)

Abve all just have fun.


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Someone needs a spell checker :p.

I suggest Mandrake or Slackware. Suse is pretty nice currently, and i think it will be even better, but it is a bit tempermental on my test system.


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I have Suse running on my server right now, and I had problems with mandrake 10 sucking all the resources from my other computer. I have run Red Hat 9 (haven't had time to mess with fedora) and have been quite happy with it.

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