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Fixed New theme/site bug reports

Electronic Punk

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I'll try and keep this first topic updated with bugs and their status.

Todo list:

  • logo (photoshop installed)
  • restructure
  • reintegration of vnews news
  • look at news pictures somehow?
  • Format frontpage attachment box.
  • smilies on quick reply box request
  • post select colour not working
  • start thinking about mass email
  • write a blog
  • inline prefix editor
  • look up how to remove last edited by things properly as it clearly didn't work
  • rewritten recent post box thinger
  • Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread, buddy icons.
  • news team forum permissions.
  • news rss feed?
  • mobile site
  • chatroom
  • remove prefix from breadcrumb
  • news submission
  • change posted by to contributed by
  • mod to stop post editing after a mod or usergroup has?
  • add edited by to frontpage?
  • documentation
  • private message post link conditional
  • clear up blog templates
  • shrink quote icon a tad
  • new rank icons/colours?
  • $loggedin[musername] spacer issue
  • write another blog!
  • write review module and restructure reviews
  • write another blog not involving fish
  • blog formatting left side on home
  • team html in posts issue (weird)
  • contact us re-write.
  • bugmenot bans
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Electronic Punk

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Hmm, not sure yet bman, would love to hear some ideas tho. I'll note down what my ideas have been a bit later.

Reps were standardised as changing the power kinda messed them up a bit.

Why the hell am I up at 9am?


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Haha, great commentary!
What don't you like about it? Position, colours, size?

It's mainly the style of the text. Most of the text on the site is very 'neat' whereas that looks too bold and too big. The arrows seem a little out of place and I'm not sure about aligning it to the right.

Where is the logo going to go? Perhaps if there was a nice logo up in the top left that would balance out the alignment issue.

The real trick is to make that bar one of the main focuses of the page (so people easily find it) without making the text look quite so ugly. Easier said than done.
On the buttons on top, I'd just get rid of the arrows and make a decent rollover color change to the button itself. Otherwise I really like the site!

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, thats an interesting idea.
I could make them a touch smaller and add some funky rollover.

It honestly be at the top of my todo list yet, but I'll definately look at it.
Is this todo list things that are all in hand or would you like some suggestions for some of your points?
I have several of these todo items implemented in diff ways on my site.
Well for news submissions you can just make a forum that say administrators group has permissions to. You then set registered users to have permissions to view their own threads only then you can let people submit articles, reply to the articles and its all hidden from the rest of the world all using just vbulletin forums. News team could have mod rights to move threads from there to the news forum for vbadvanced.

mobile site: I have a theme which you could use along with a JS message I made for iphone to let them switch the theme easily. It works with most mobiles but its not wml.

RSS feeds: I would probably use a htaccess to do behind the scenes redirect for your RSS feeds as well. Have a path /RSS/news.rss redirect to the correct vbulletin url for rss feeds for a specific forum that way its easy to update if your paths change in the future.

Also I would think about installing Post Thank you addon for vbulletin, its very nice and simple to use for users.

Chat: at my site we have a integrated jabber server working with vbulletin db for IM/chat and I am working on a web interface to link into the jabber rooms.


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See where the ad is, the grey part. I am not sure if this is Firefox or my being a Subscriber. If it's because I am a subscriber, you should remove the grey part 100%, its very big and useless if you pay to be here lol

Electronic Punk

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I am still working on most those bits Zero Hour but I have a few ideas myself :)
I have no issue with news submissions being public, infact it could well be those I tag as frontpage news.

As for scorched earth, well thats the bit that is not yet done but I intend to make full use of the area, advert or not ... perhaps with the main logo and then some big ass fireball streaks going over to the right. I have no idea, but i am definately not a fan of wasted space so I do hope I come up with something funky.

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