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New office PC

a friend is wanting me to build them a pc that is just for word processing and internet and e-mail, and it needs to be cheap, all she wants is a tower, now i was thinking about eaither a duron or a celeron, what ever is cheaper for performance with that stuff, it is over 1ghz at least so, anyone got any ideas

specs of partial computer

250-350 wt psu
ATX case
processer (what one not sure)
if amd then a MSI probbaly
on board sound
gforce 2 mx 400
512mb SDram hopefully or maybe DDR if i hvae to

any other ideas on how to save money?
Want to go REALLY cheap? Get a VIA Eden M1000. They have onboard video, 6 channel audio, USB, LAN, 1394, TV out and a bunch of other stuff as well as already having a 1GHz processor on the board. The board runs about $160.


It's a Mini ITX board. It will fit in any ATX case and work with any ATX powersupply. It is only 17x17cm in size so you could throw it into a tiny case as well if you wanted to.

Just a though. Good luck!
thoes look really good, i did some e-mailing to see what the prices are going to be in total, but other than that does anyone know waht one is better for this stuff, celeron or duron?
for a simple workstation, i get Intel grg boards a celeron 1.7 or so, 256 meg, 40 gig box and all whole mess for well under $300

i get the boards for about $30 new hunt around deals can be had

all good parts, very stable and more than fast enough for web, email and office stuff:happy:

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