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I have recently bought a new 512MB DDR400 PC3200 (elixir brand) stick for my pc to go with an existing 512Mb DDR400 PC3200 stick already installed.

I have an epox 8RDA+ motherboard with 3 DIMMs and the manual states that for 2 sticks of 64-bit memory they should be installed in DIMM#2 & 3 and for 2 sticks of 128-bit memory they should be installed in DIMM#1&2 or 1&3.

I have tried several conbinations as I'm not sure if the memory is 64-bit or 128-bit and all that happens is either the pc doesn't boot at all, or it boots to the desktop and then reloads.

Could this be incompatability between memory brands?
Any other ideas?




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sounds like the memory doesnt like each other what happens when you put one in? (one at a time but check all)

and as allways google memtest86 for the best memory diagnostic software.. will tell you if you have a bad peice.

i havent slept much so i may be missing something but keep us informed
make sure the memories are the same brands could be the problem... unless you bought them in a pack then they are the same


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I thought of that as it was suggested that the brands be the same, but I'm pretty sure they are different. However I have eliminated this by replacing my existing stick in DIMM#2 with the new stick and the pc didn't even boot up (got the sirens warning of an error).

I'm going to try memtest86 tonight when I get home from work and then take it from there, maybe go back to the supplier for them to test & replace.




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Thanks sraycoz, memtest86 confirmed that the new memory is faulty as it showed up over 300 errors, whereas the original memory stick showed none. I'll get the new memory replaced.

Thanks again.



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After putting this faulty memory into my pc I am unable to access my cdrom or usb pen drive as it keeps saying incorrect function. Any ideas?


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The new memory works fine, but still having problems accessing some drives that say incorrect function, such as CD-ROM, USB pen & floppy drive has disappeared altogether. Does anyone have any ideas?

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