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New Keyboard


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I have to say that I very much love the new keyboard that Apple has created. It is easy to type on, and it's lesser travel when you push down on the keys means you have to use a lot less pressure to type, and also means that now you can type faster, as there are less keys you may not have hit as you are going along. I am going to buy one just to have one, since it will look sleek on my desktop!

That, and my other keyboard has gotten so dirty over the last year, I need a replacement! I am also sick and tired of having to replace batteries on my bluetooth keyboard, I am going back to USB.


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So having tested it for a bit here on my desk at home, I have to say that it really is awesome. On my old keyboard which sat higher because of the fact that it was rather large, my hands would have to be curled up higher, as I don't have one of those squishy keyboard lift me up pads one is supposed to get. You know, the gel crap.

With this keyboard that is not required at all, since the keyboard is almost at the same height as the desk, and it making typing very fast and easy without missing a beat. It feels like relief compared to my other keyboard, and not until now had I know what I was missing.

They keyboard is a lot like the keyboard that is on the Macbook's, and has the same touch and feel. Even-though it is so thin, it feels sturdy, and has this "look" that says fancy!

I like it even better because it has two USB ports on the side of it, and built in it has a USB 2.0 hub, which is really handy, as I always seem to be running out of USB ports.

I normally hate the keyboards that come with Windows based computers that contain all the different buttons to do different tasks, however I find myself using the forward button for iTunes which is on this computer more and more to just skip songs. I have no use for most of the expose buttons as I have my hot corners set up for that, but the iTunes buttons are excellent!

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