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New Keyboard Problem

Goodafternoon everyone,

I have just bought my mum a new keyboard but it only has a 88 key layout with 3 hot keys. When i press on the "i" key, it comes up with "5" on the screen. This is not the only time this has happened. I bought her another keyboard not so long ago which also has a lower key layout count than deafult and when i pressed on "l", it comes up with "9io". Both these keyboards are USB connected. Is there a reason why it is messing up like this? Do i need to change some settings on Windows XP Pro? Thank you for your help and time

sincerly Alex :cool:
get a screwdriver and change the keys from the 5 and the i :p

or check the control panel-> keybaord and try a few different lay-outs...
control panel -> language settings -> Language tab -> Details button

there are the keyboard lay-outs. translated from dutch so it maybe called different but its the globe icon and then the second tab and then the first button.
ok i looked around there and i didnt see anything that could help me specify amount of keys.. i remember seeing something like this on the old windows somewhere. any other idea's? :(

Thank you for all your help

Alex :cool:


hardware monkey
88 keys, so that means the number pad is integrated with the letter keys, correct? you don't have numlock on, do you?

ignore me if this elementary to you.

Ok it works now, well, i went into the room where the keyboard was on and the keyboard was working fine (i just woken up). I dont remember seeing the numberlock light on before tho :confused: . Oh well nevermind lol, amazing how small things help hehe. That could of been the explaination... i feel like a right dumba** now :eek:

Thank you for your help everyone :D

Alex :cool:

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