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da rock

what info do i need if any,to use my existing dsl con on a new sys
i'm about to put togather. i'll be taking my old sys offline until i see that my new one runs stable, then i want to network the two new mobo has onboard lan and my old sys a linksys
10/100 nic w/win98se,my new os is xp home ed. any info will
be a great help!

thanks , da rock!

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Anyway, check your network and see if you are recieving you IP via DHCP.

sit one: If DHCP, do nothing just plug in the new machine and surf.

sit two: If not DHCP, copy all your settings for you nic. IP, SUBNET, Default Gateway, DNS. Put these in your new machine and surf.


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If its DSL you may use PPPoE. If you have to log on to use your DSL, you have PPPoE. Make sure you have a copy of your ISPs connection program
thanks for your reply! i've heard that xp would pretty much set itself up,but this is my 1st time putin a pc togather so i want to be sure i get it right the 1st time!(i hope!)

If it's PPPoE DSL, you should be all good. The only trip in the whole process would be having to call your DSL/Cable provider and register the MAC address of the NIC in the new computer (assuming you're plugging the connection there instead of your old box). I usually bypass this by just using a PCI NIC to connect to the 'net and move that to my primary box of the day. Otherwise, I use the onboard NIC or a 2nd PCI NIC to go to a hub and plug other boxen there. Now if only I a KVM to make this stuff easier...
lactic.acid,just bought a generic geforce 2 ti myself, what drvs are you using?(for xp home)
thanks all,
da rock:cool:
I was using the latest (23.83??) downloaded from nvidia, but I rolled back to 22.5 because I've been having some issues, but I determined last night the issues are with my scsi controller, not my video card. Oh, and I'm using xp pro.
thanks for info,i'll try the 22.5's and see what happens!:)

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