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New fan for ATI 9600XT AIW


OSNN One Post Wonder
Does anyone know what is the cheapest cooler you can buy for the above card ? Also do you have to replace the whole casing that the fan is contained in or just the fan ? Thanks
You can buy just a fan if you can find the right one. It's safer to buy a whole unit. The overclocker product sites used to have several. There was a thread here at OSNN about finding ATI replacement fans a year or two ago also.

Read to end-

Vantec, Thermaltake, Arctic Cooling have Vid card coolers. Fit may be an issue, especially for a 9600. The products are intended mostly for overclocking high end cards. If the cooler doesn't quite fit you may be able to use the fan out of it.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks LeeJend checked out the link you posted and I guess it depends on whether or not I can find an exact fit for the fan. But its possible to change the fan alone. Cheers


OSNN One Post Wonder
I just had one more question..can I run this card safely without the fan ? I mainly plan on using the TV Tuner feature and playing DVD's on my computer only. Not into gaming.

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