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I started a thread a while back about swapping my hd into a new mb without having to re-install windows, i read everyones thoughts and now i have one of my own. If i partition my hard drive, and install it into my new mb, and boot up can i install a fresh copy of xp to the new partition and copy all my files and such from the old?


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f'in sweet, anything special with the partition, i made one using partition magic, just a normal partition...Logical...does it need to be changed..or can i "repair" my old windows installation..could that work?


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well.. you could do a repair install.... but i don't recommend it. all that'll do is reinstall windows. yes, you'll still have your files, but you'll still have to reinstall all your programs that you have installed.


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great thanks for all the help, well im posting now from my new case and mb, i didnt have to repair or install anything, it just worked...freakin rad, but i cant get my audio to work....

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Actually you should only use a LINT FREE cloth like lens cleaning cloth or a coffee filter because tissue paper or paper towels can leave microscopic fibers which will affect the thermal contact between the surfaces. You should keep the surfaces free of foreign materials and do NOT touch the surfaces. Hair, a piece of lint, microscopic wood fibers from paper products or even dead skin cells can significantly affect the thermal interfaces performance. You don't want to touch the surfaces as oils from your fingers can adversely affect the performance by preventing the thermal interface material from directly contacting the metal surfaces.


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Use the MB CD to install the sound drivers. Then go into device manager and uninstall the sound device. Reboot and windows will find your new sound board and should find the drivers. If not point it at them.

You might check to make sure the USB 2 is working ok. For that matter look through device manager and see if there is a yellow exclamation mark on anything. If there is make sure the new MB drivers are installed and then uninstall and reinstall that particular device.

PS I use the q-tip and isopropyl being very carefull no fibers are left behind.

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Pentium 4 run hotter then the comparable AMD CPU's.

Here is a baseline to go by:

Pentium 4 Northwood Core stock cooling
28c-55c average and 57c worry limit

Pentium 4 Prescott Core stock cooling
45c-70c average and 75c worry limit

Pentium D Smithfield Core stock cooling
55c-75c average and 80c worry limit

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