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New Camera!


Boogie Nights...!
Finally! I've ordered my new digital camera...spent days researching which one to get (thanks for the help here in answering a couple of my questions!) and have gone for the Canon IXUS 400.


Cant wait!!!

Anyone here got one, what are they like?

Edit: Thanks Un4gIvEn1 ! Hope that fixed it.


Boogie Nights...!
Yep! Couldn't resist it...its soo tiny and yet it can do amazing images!!

Looked and looked but couldnt find a bad review for it anywhere!

Gonna take this beauty on my travels.

I'll post a few pics here when i get it (fingers crossed tomorrow!)
i have this camera. got it early may. amazing photos. so much smaller then my brothers cyber shot and this one has more mega pix. so many features. but the only draw backs to this camera is the small memory card and the weak battery so you would a back up battery so trips and stuff. becasue when i went on vacation with this camera i have the battery in the charger every night becasue its real weak. it doest last as nearly as long as canon says. but any way have fun with your new camera and make sure you dont lose it in your pocket =).


Boogie Nights...!
Cheers lads! I've just got home from work and its here!!! hehe!

........not gotta wait 2 hours for the battery to charge up! :(
to get the pics on your comp? you need to put the camera in pic preview mode (slide the button in the top right of the back to the left i think) then plug it into the computer and turn the camera on. you dont need the software to d/l the pics if you use the way i stated above. have fun!


Boogie Nights...!
You are officially my HERO!!!!! Thank you !!!

Something so simple...but it did the trick!!!!!!

I cant thank you enough...i've been stressing for about 4 hours now!


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