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New Build

Just waiting on delivery of the following:

Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 (1.83GHz),
ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA PT880
200GB Western Digital S-ATA
2x 1GB Crucial DDR3200 (running dual channel)
Vista Home Premium 64-bit

Will add to it;

Radeon X1300 256MB DDR3 :suprised:
and my 19-inch Widescreen

enclosing it in a Casecom case with a 350W PSU with a loverly glowing UV fan :D

I am a ho' :dead:

yeah :) It should server you quite well. It wont have the longevity of a higher specced system but I firmly believe you should get the best available parts that you can afford at the time of purchase.
It's got all the right basics. PSU is good with just the 1300 card.

Toss in a PSU upgrade, 8800 GPU and faster CPU in 18 months and it becomes a high end system at half the price you'd pay for doing the same now. For that matter in a year or two GPU power comsumption may be down enough that a 350W supply will run a single card gaming system. CPU consumption has dropped in half in the last year and GPUs are trending down also.
Should be a nice machine. :)
What are you planning to do with the Sempron box?
Well, this machine is just going to be used for the Girlfriends Uni homework/research and my general usage. Nothing intensive, no real gaming etc so it should be a healthy upgrade from my current sempron box. Particularly with it being Dual Core & 64-bit and the doubled RAM.

The Sempron system is being sold off for really whatever people will give me for it will be put on eBay shortly if no offers or interest is given. It wont have the monitor & peripherals nor will it have the X1300. But for what it is, it runs great and comes with Vista Premium (no Aero with on-board card) it manages to handle Vista very well too. The Windows Index it gets without the X1300 is 1.0 but that is simply down to the graphics letting it down. Every other meassures above 3.
The E4300 is the most ridiculously amazing overclocker since the Celeron 300s that went to 450. People have achieved some pretty astronomical clocks with it, and with very little effort, too.

From the article:
Even if you don't have a great cooler you can easily overclock Allendale past 3GHz without even increasing the voltage.
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