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Networking a HP printer


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The printer is a 1220cse color deskjet, which doesn't have a slot for an internal card. The network is 2 xp home computers on a linksys router/4 port hub connected to cable modem. Here's my question:

What advantage would I gain by adding the printer to the network over the way it is now, connected to one computer and shared? Many times one computer or the other is off while the other one is in use, so this would be my main reason for changing (the ability to not have to turn both computers on to print from the second one).

My cursory look on eBay shows 3 choices (are there others?)
1. a basic external network box (edit: printer server)
2. a 170x box (ditto)
3. and a higher speed (and too expensive) box (ditto)

The basics seem to run at less than $20us, and the 170x at $100.

Would I gain or lose speed by switching from a parallel cable to the basic box?

Thanks for any information and/or direction



OSNN Addict
yeah thanks sorry about the confusion. read to replace printer server with box above, and my questions still remain. I am wondering if a cheapo printer server will gain me much advantage, or would I have to spend $100 for the 170x to get the same or better performance as I have with a shared printer
connected to the first computer on lpt1?

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