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I have two laptops using XP Pro connected via Ethernet cards and the network used to work OK. I had to reinstall the OS on one of the computers and now, when i use the setup wizard it fails to finish. |I am told there is an error and the network must be setup manually. Any ideas?

David Chapple

Well I suggest you do exactly that. Configure it manually. Set the IP to a static IP or auto depending on what you use. Also see to that the drivers to the card are working ok.
I am an experienced user of desktops computers and Windows, going right back to the Sinclair and Commodore Pets but I know less than nothing about networking.

I arrived at the same conclusion. I tried set it up manually. I tried and tried and tried and............... Then finally, for no known reason, it now works. I have no idea what I did differently. God, and Bill Gates, move in the most strange ways!!


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