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Ive been using a network hub to split my cable modem line. However, I need to leave on my computer so others in the house can use the internet. I would like to know if a router/switch would split the line, which would let me leave just the cable modem on. Then anyone could get on the internet without my computer being turned on.




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you're saying that if you turn your comp off, the others in the house lose their internet connection?

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Yes, I'm using a Netgear ethernet hub. So when i shut down my computer the internet won't work on the others. I think because I'm using mine as a server. All I want to do is split the cable modem line so the other computers can get to the internet without having a computer, just the cable box.

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It looks like you've assigned one computer as an ICS host and are using the hub to connect each computer as a ICS client.
If you want each computer to be completely independent of the others when it comes to using the internet, yes, you need a router.
D-Link, Linksys, Siemens and Netgear make some good home-use routers that aren't very expensive either.


Whats the difference between a router and an switch? I'm working with a friend who needs to split their cable line so both can get on the net. We bought a D-Link Dss-5+ to hook up 2 computers. The one computer works downstairs to one up won't. The NIC card is showing activity (lights flashing) but won't pick up the net. Is this the right item to use, or should I get a router. I thought a switch and a router were to same.

Even with a switch, you'd still need to enable ICS on one computer which will serve as a host. This computer will have to remain on always, and all other computers will be ICS clients.
As I said, you would need a router if you want to share the cable connection without leaving any computer on all the time. With a router, the computers are completely independent of each other for the internet connection. The router established the connection to your ISP, and the built-in DHCP server assigns unique internal IP addresses to each computer on the network. So each computer can use the internet connection without depending on any other computer on the network. :)


Thanks alot. This helps me understand how this **** works. I've been using a hub to link between 3 and 4 computers, but one always had to be on. Which was my main computer, and it started crashing all the time. Now we just share the line. Now I need to find a cheap router. Maybe on e-bay.

Thanks again
I recommend the D-Link 604. It's cheap and very good.

Now for the tech lesson. :)

Hub: Dumb splitter device. All data is sent out on all ports.
Switch: Slightly smarter. Only sends data to the correct port.
Router: Masks the internal network from the outside and enables several computers to share on external IP.

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