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Network Card Crashes XP


Kaila Yu

My computer has been crashing a lot lately and I found out that the problem is with the network card. My friend has windows 98 and when I plug it in to his computer it works fine. But on my computer (XP) it crashes my system. When I put a different network card in, the system is totally fine. This card used to work fine with the drivers that I have on the CD. I went to the website and the "new" drivers the company released don't install. My network card is a GFC2204 and its from the company "fma." Their website is www.fmanetworks.com If nothing will work then I will just simply purchase a new card. However, I would not like to throw away a useable network card. Thanks for any and all help.


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sometimes it is better to keep the old drivers... if you can't rollback the drivers or do a system restore to the time that you last had a good running system without the crashes you are having now... I recommend geting a new NIC card.. they are pretty cheap nowadays... or contacting the help at the NIC manufacturers helpdesk...

sell the card to your mate if you want :) or resell it on www.ebay.com or whatever you want to resell it on... but only if you can fix your problem with the above suggestions...

Kaila Yu

I installed drivers, but they only work for one reset. After I reset the computer after installing the drivers, the network card crashes my computer. This means everytime I turn on the computer I have to install drivers. I don't know what's going on.

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