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i am setting up a 2 pc network one pc is xp pro and one is win 98se french. do i need a hub between them? because i am only using a cable to both lan cards and on the xp machine it says network cable unplugged. how can i fix this.


You will more than likely need a crossover cable for this application. Use the XP system to set up an ICS network...

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yup u were right i just got back from my recreation center where i asked the isp guy why and right when i said 2 pc wihtout hub he said ahh it needs to be a crossover cable! THanks haha:happy:


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ok HELP!

ok so machine (A)Xp and machine (B)98se french are hooked up now and networked. i tried to share the files and printer and its weird. sometimes the xp computer would show for the 98 pc on the network and not be accesible and somtimes it would be acceible and sometimes it wouldnt show! so what file sharing and printing services should i have installed on both pcs? client on both pcs and service on the xp? the xp machine has the internet connection which i already setup which works. and the printer also. i want both machines to be able to see the hard drives all the time and i did enable sharing for the hard drives so whats wrong?


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btw the settings i have it on now seemed to work fine. i left after 2mins of testing cuz i have to study for my exams now! so they seem to be working alright. i think each pc had the file and sharinf client and the service. if way im thinking is correct is that the client lets people see into ur pc and the service lets u correctly see into theirs? am i thinking right?

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