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Netgear problems


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Hey guys, so i have been having problems with my netgear, well atleast i think it is my netgear. Quick story is, i cant get on internet for hrs on end, then next thing i can. I have run the usual things, the loop back, flush DNs and release and renew but still the problem stays there.

So basic story is what could be cuting my internet off for ages and back on, Any help in this matter would be great.

P.S i could try an updated driver if any of use think it could work


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just for the sake of clarity, are we talking about a netgear router? netgear network card? etc?

Some more detail of the hardware involved might be helpful in having someone help you.


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I have a Netgear Rangemax router/modem and had that problem about a year ago.
Turned out to be a connection problem with my ISP ( Orange ) .....disappeared when I changed providers.

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