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Nero 6


I may actually be insane.
Yup, it's not as bloated as people are making out, the red screenshot that's being posted everywhere is just a launcher "panel" (actually called smartstart) for the other apps.

I just see it like another release, because the Burning rom part of the suite has been updated but stays the same in its basics, and all the other stuff, I dont use :D
The only free upgrade is if you bought the retail boxed edition of 5.5. It's $49.99 for everyone else. The full version will run a whopping $99.99 and $69.99 for boxed and download versions, respectively. Yikes! Kind of a lot, especially when the information page freely admits that the new Nero is actually the old Nero--except now it has a fancy interface and a video editor.

Not that I won't be getting the new Nero...it's just that I won't be paying $69.99 for it. :rolleyes: Did you see Jewelzz news post?


Wouldnt it be nice for Ahead to work on nero using less system resources instead of useless fancy interfaces :(

StartSmart seems a good improvement on the old wizard


Congratulations polarbear u can use a nfo site, well done.....

2 discs burnt now using Nero 6 (vcds) i found that with startsmart in normal mode it uses express to copy but in expert mode it uses burning rom :s The discs themselves burnt ok but i think ill be going back to Nero 5 soon :mad:

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