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Need more Thermal grease on a PIII ??



I was disecting my computer and I removed the heatsink from the processor and I dont see any thermal compund. When I removed the heatsink I can see a blue square on the processor, I think this is the die and i think this is were i would put the termal grease if i needed any. Am i right and what is a good thermal grease if i need some?


hardware monkey
yeah, you're right. p3's have a blue square in the middle which is the die. that is where you'd want to apply a thin layer of thermal grease.

I and everyone else will tell you Arctic Silver III is the best. you can get it online for like $10 and have enough for years.


Ok thanks alot. So I guess I need to put as much on the die as i can without it oozing off and shorting stuff out.


hardware monkey
it's made to not conduct electricity... but you really don't need that much. like i said, just a thin layer covering the die.

also, be sure to thoroughly clean both the die and heatsink contact surface. don't get fingerprints on either one as oil insulates.


hardware monkey
rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover... and a paper towel works, but make sure you get off any lint when you're done.


hardware monkey
no problem. }:>

the whole thing probably isn't that important with a p3... but when you have an athlon of any kind, it becomes a religion. }:p


did your heatsink have any kind of TIM on it?
u wouldnt see any thermal grease then ...i think

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