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Need Help with IE6 on WinXP Home


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Hi guys!

Really need help here. This problem is killing me.

I keep having an "Access Denied" window appear whenever I got to some websites, in particular Yahoo mail. After I key in my username and password, it carries on to load, but stops suddenly and pops up a Error window that says "Line 115: Error" and "Error: Access is Denied" and asks me whether I wish to debug or not. When I click no, it just stops loading.

I was fine a few days ago but now it keeps giving me this problem. I can't access my mail and worse, it happens when I enter my school's site as well. I have been using my friend's PC to submit my school work.

Anyon have any ideas?
Run the .reg I've attached, it will reset your IE.
What it does is wipe all the custom security off via the registry. Should resolve your issue. Let me know...

BTW - rename the file I've attached to .reg --- I had to upload it as a text file.



OSNN One Post Wonder
No help, guys.
It's still the same.
Now I can't even use the Microsoft Windows update site to get my fixes.
It just says, "error on page" and does not go further than the Checking for latest updates page.

Any way to reinstall ie6 on winxp?


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open the hosts file in notepad see if it has any listing for the microsoft windows update site and remove it as viruses place it there to prevent you from fixing up ur pc

its located in : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
also use firefox for anything other than windows update


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seems like u have viruses as well as spyware, go download avg antivirus, (if u already have norton its probably been killed by the viruses its worthless) free.grisoft.com and run a full computer scan after changing the setting to scan all files

Test Center-> Tests->Complete Test Settings->Scan All Files
as some viruses change their file names to evade antivirus
Please post a hijack this log for us.

How to reinstall IE:

Make sure you can see all files (ie - in folder options, make sure the option is set to show all files including hidden)

Run a search in your Windows folder for ie.inf

Right click, 'install'

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