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need help with error on startup


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Trying to help a friend out with a problem...
He has a Windows 98 machine (yeah, I know), and he is getting the following error on startup:
While initializing device IOS:
Error: An I/O subsystem driver failed to load
Either a file in the .\iosubsys directory is corrupt,
or the system is low on memory.
The computer will only startup in safe mode now. He says that he hooked up a portable mp3 player, and after he restarted this problem began. The mp3 player is no longer plugged in and it does not show up in the device manager while in safe mode. He also does not have his 98 disk or a startup disk. If a startup disk will take care of the problem, then can someone tell me how to create one from a non-98 machine? Any other help would be appreciated!


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Thanks. I actually found a fix earlier, and for anyone who cares, this is it:

DOS Prompt:
cd\windows\options\cabs <Enter>
setup <Enter>

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