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Need help with an excel formula


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Hi all,

I am having trouble creating a formula for an excel spreadsheet that I am working on.

Here goes. I would like to input a number into cell AK-26, this value is anything between 70-90 & 485-620. If I input this value into that cell, then I would like the word "ACCEPT" to show up in cell AP-26.

If there is any other number outside those two ranges mentioned above that is inputed into AK-26, then I would like the word "REJECT" to show up in cell AP-26.

If AK-26 is left blank, then nothing is going to show up in AP-26.

Hopefully someone knows enough of this that can help me.



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Create a conditional format, Format>conditional format and select the conditions and enther the ranges. In the Format Cell dialog box, enter teh format you wnat the cell to take when the condition is met.


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er... Well, I've come up with a formula for your question. Not 100% sure it's correct, but I did spend quite a bit or time trying to figure out where the "IF", "AND", "OR" logical tests fit in with each other.

Here's what I've come up with (see pic). I'd suggest you change the cell numbers in the formula to fit your requirements.


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No probs, mate.

It gave me something to think about. Now we both know a bit more about how to use formulaes in excel. :p

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