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17 Jun 2003
Hi, I would like to ask those who know a bit about Retailing and computer softwares relating to Retailing.

Does anyone know what a 'Z' Read is?
I know that it's to do with the end of day summary for transactions or something like that, but can someone explain it in a little bit more detail please?

Doing an assignment, and would like to mention this thing in it, but need to know what it is in more detail before I add it.



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14 Nov 2003
what retail company are you reffering to? it can have different functions in different software. if a standard POS software it is an end of day report for all transactions.
what it prints out is how many you sold of a product how much cash, credit, and checks you took in, and how much you are supposed to have for the day, ie, if you did 100.00 cash, 50.00 checks, 200.00 credit card, and 50.00 in gift cards or certificates it will give you a breakdown of each card ie, visa, mastercard etc, and tell you how much for each. and then it gives you a total amount for all. but it also itemizes all the transactions like what was sold in every order, it can get really long. some of the ones i've had took about 10 minutes to print, and it came directly from the register. hope it helps.

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