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Need a app to disable computers



Ok here is were I am coming from. I run a PC repair service. All was good till recently. All of a sudden I am repairing machines for 'friends or freinds of freinds'. My problem is getting paid for my work! I know I should be a hard ass and not release a machine until it is paid for but I am a softie. All of a sudden I find myself with hundreds of dollars of hardware out there that I cannot collect on. My question is, is there a timer app I can put on machines that will lock it down until I give the Ok to run?


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a boot password in the bios. and since they took a computer to you, they wont know that they can simply take the battery out of the mobo.


Actually I want them to work when they first get them back, but I am looking for some kind of timer that would require a password after a month. That is plenty of time for people to pay. If they paid when they picked up the machine this would not be installed, but if it was a I will pay you friday type thing after a month they would be locked out till they call me and pay me, then I could give the the password to get back in. This is what I am looking for.

Perris Calderon

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I think most norton poroducts will accmpliosh what he's looking for...you know, seem to work for about a month, and then the whole computer slows down to a crawl...perfect

put the norton suite on these boxes, and you're set

Grr...I have that same problem. I don't know of any app that will do what you need it to do. Perhaps a direction to look would be "anti-theft" software, like they use for laptops.

When I build computers for "friends" or "friends of friends", I make them use their own credit cards! HA!!! Take that, you non-paying sons of monkeys!

Don't forget to hire a big guy (preferrably one who owns a bat) with a name like "Luigi" or "Vincenzo".

Evil Marge

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Originally posted by silky62678
U should make them pay upfront first. Tell them it's to buy the parts
Or tell them they have to pay before they take it away.

Better yet get a big big hardman to go get the money for you :D
ok nice, been there a lot before when i fitst started the company that i run.

not my first concern is if u are a regertered company or just doing freelance,

free lance is always a good way to do this ubless u want to get big. now if u are regestered then putting a peace of software or something to lock then out is illeagle ( well in canada it is) with out telling them about it.

second, even tho they are your friends and u trust or trusted them u still need to kinda be a hard ass about it and not give it to them untill they pay.

third, if u hvae some friends or u have the connnections, and it is a lot of money there are always ways to make then pay. but that is not recomenede unless it is a lot of money.

u can just ues peer pressure to get them to pay too, that alwys works. other than that i dont know.

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