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Need 2 reinstall DirectX 8.1A, SP1 screwed me up

Ok, this is what happened, during the WU, it was installing SP1, and during the install, it crashed. Think that my CD key is not valind.. anyways. Now, when I got to the DirectX folder, I dont have anything in it!?! That little program is gone. And I know SP1 installs DX8.1b so, I'am sure it removed my directX and crashed before installing the new one... so I'am screwed.

Is there a way to reinstall directx 8.1A from the installation CD?

don't work, I've tried.. tried running the auto update... doesnt update.. Downloaded SP1 full (133 megs) same thing, during install it reboots and then tries to connect to the web.. and of course don't let it..cause I don't connect myself, and also my firewall tells me it's trying to connect. And after it says that my serial is bad.. I know it's not good.. it's that FCKGW one.

so there's no other way to reintall DirectX? any other way to install SP1 ? I'am sure there's a way.. it's impossible..
M$ says that we have to Download SP1 to have the new directX.

Cause the only D/L options are for Win 98-me and 2000... that's why.. pretty weird.. And DirectX 9 is supposed to come out.. I know it's useless unless you have that new ATI card, or a the new Nvidia card that's gonna come out in Feb. I think..

but there has to be a way to reinstall from CD, it's unthinkable.. dam you M$...Daaaaaammmm youuuuuu.. lol :D


Yeah, hey...why not install a release candidate of DX 9? It should be final any day now so you wouldn't have to worry about it going invalid. Then when DX9 is out, just update it. If that doesn't work, then you have more problems than just DX9.

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