NAV PRO vs free antivirus for a low memory PC.



what are the difference's between NAV PRO and a free antivirus. i'm running low on memory. i just increased my virtual memory as much as i

can. i have 128 ramm memory. AOL. outpost firewall. i read NAV is bloatware. i disabled all the service's for network's. i emptied the cache.

i put history down to 0 day's. i deleted all temporary file's.
i only got 3 viruse's in over 1 year. would a free antivirus be good

enough. i don't want to use bloatware if i can help it. thank you.
NAV is not "bloatware" but it does require a "steady" system to run well.

For a low resource solution you may want to try PC Cillin or AVG, AVG is free.

PC Cillins protection is good, AVGs is OK.

Also for free non real-time protection look at GAV:

For other options see:

See the Application forum for other ways to increase performace of your system.

Note: While NAV does not deserve the label bloatware, AOL does.

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sorry but i would have to agree, NAV is some serious bloatware, uses up to 3 to 4 times more memory, then other Antiviruses.

In my book thats bloatware, plus it has on several occasions missed viruses that other "free' antiviruses caught with no problem.

this is just my opinion of course


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Just for the sake of it what viruses did your up to date nortons ( what version ) miss? And what free anti virus program caught them?

Yep I wanna know .... sure nortons demands a little more from your resources but if your set up right it runs very well , I have nortons 2002 anti virus and firewall on my puter , my sons , my daughters , and my Girlfriends , none of us has ever been affected by any virus, backdoor, or any other problem .. so just because it takes a bit of memory imho does not make it bloat ware .. and again if your setup right I dont see any problems at all with nortons.


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Here Here! I agree Kermit I have been running Norton since the 95 verison and never had a problem with 2000, 2001, 2001pro or what i am using now 2002pro