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N-Gage cracked

Okay, it got too tempting :p

So yeah...here's SonicN running on my 3650. Quite fun, I must say...it's almost like the original - fast-paced and all that. Even the music sounds familiar
Originally posted by o_87
Still, they made a really bad mistake :p
I totally agree. Trying to integrate a portable gaming device and a cellphone would be a bad mistake, if attempted by anybody. I mean...just look at how awkard the design is!


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Hey 0_87 they tried something and it failed. Jeez their not the worse design decision makers in the business ya know. I personally like their phones but hey thats just me.
I don't think this is really a big deal at all. Maybe I'm in the few today but I use my cell for calling or answer calls ... not playing games :) Also from what I read there are VERY few phones that these games will even run on. Also this isn't like a game console or a pc for that matter ... I don't see this effecting sales much if it all.



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Haven't bought any other cell from any other phone company since the 5110 came out. I wanted the N-Gage to succeed, but I think it was doomed even before it came out.

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