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Myst 3


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
WOW. Just clocked Myst 3 Exile. Solved the majority of IQ problems but had to use a walthrough at times. Mind Blowing experience. Nearly lost my sanity. Curious to know if anyone here managed to clock the game without a walkthrough - Must have an IQ >150!!!


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
I haven't tried myst. The problems in Myst 3 Exile I found are more difficult than Riven. Graphics and sound are outstanding - puts the game in a class of its own. Full 360 degrees of photorealism compared to Riven which played out like a slide show. Resolution only 640x480 but graphics remain breathtaking and very sharp - no pixellation. Must get if you want a mind blowing experience.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Awesome Game.

Will have to play it again. The graphics are just plain wonderful to look at. The colors are vivid. I am happy to say that I own all three and each one is the collector's edition.

Myst III = my favorite game of all time

I'm a sucker for games like those

* as for clocking:
first playthrough - large sum of hours over a two week period
fastest playthrough - three hours, seventeen minutes :cool:

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