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My own online data backup service question


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

I was thinking about starting this up for my existing clients. Where their servers connect to my servers and their data backs up onto my servers encryptically, on schedule. Two of my clients have expressed interest in using this service.

My question is: What tools do I need to make this work? I would need something that would install on thier end to run the schedule and connect to my server, and build up the database to send to me, I guess overwriting the existing backup they have.

And on my end, I would need to figure out how to encrypt the data so no one has access to it here.

I would really be interested in setting this thing up. A google search turned up a few of these services online on a per month fee.

Any got any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



Overclocked Like A Mother
If this was left up to you, what would you put together for a clientside and then for your side?

Just trying to get some ideas.

Both ends would be using Windows XP or Win2003

Thanks again,

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acronis true image server can do this, i remotley backup many clients data's this way on schedule either files only, or full/incremental images... only bad point is as far as i can see is it doesnt support SSL/TLS ftp servers..

but you can get around this using stunnel

so clientside, raidenftpd (amazing secure ftp with remote admin functions)
serverside - acronis true image server & stunnel & truecrypt


Overclocked Like A Mother
Wow, Thanks _kC_

Will look into that right away. Acronis does incremental too!!!! Thanks, for the heads up.


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