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I think the new banner on the frontpage (located at the right of the newsposts) is distracting. The frontpage is dark and the banner is bright-white, I don't like that. I personally don't like banners that are always visible (the banner at the top can be 'scrolled away'), but that's your way of making money, and I respect that. But if it's possible, I ask you to make the banner equally dark (or at least darker) in such a way that is won't be distracting.
I'd like to see other people opinions about this.


I may actually be insane.
The "banner" is actually an iFrame to the sponsors page.
Sponsors wish for their advertisments to be prominent on the page else they'd never get noticed and their money would be wasted.

Admitedly, our page design doesn't really give much leniance for allowing a vertical advertisment, which is why you may see it moving around at the moment, as EP and Ste...Waddy are trying to find a good placement for it.

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Yeah, both banners are dynamic... It has been a new request of our new 64 minute old advertisers, I promise tho, we will NEVER EVER have popups.


I may actually be insane.
pop-ups are blocked anyway :)

Adverts, fine by me, I click them on virtually every site I visit (that I like anyway :p ) but pop-ups are just annoying.


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i dont mind the top advertisement... just that side advert seems out of place.. but i see your working on that so i wont moan :D

Besides, what happened to the Crucial adverts? :confused:


I may actually be insane.
Yeah, crucial helped, but these new ones are helping more.. simple as that really ;)
Unless you want to pay for the site out of your pocket (Like waddy is doing now) then unfortunately you will have to put up with adverts, that's just the way it is :(

And Heny, change res you wierdo :p

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