My New avatar



I have messed with the attached. Its designed at 50x50
How on earth do I get it to show as my avatar??

Its .swf I have seen the html code by mavis but have a blank doh!

Mavis - would you host it and tell my what to add in my user CP to make it show please :D


oh! had to .rar it to upload


dont have RAR here on this pc..i wount bother download it gonna look at it later man...when im home-.. And give you a comment...

hey Kylie...

I uploaded your avatar, but when I tried to use it I was told that I couldn't - seems the avatar has to be a jpg or a gif... :)

Anyway, here is the url.

Here is my best guess on getting it to work...

Save the SWF as an AVI

Open it with Animation Shop (part of psp7)
save as an animated gif?
Might work!
hmm... good idea "bling bling baby" LOL :) - i actually haven't bothered reinstalling Flash and whatever else I have (a bunch of Macromedia stuff, I think) - but can you export stuff from Flash as .avi? Pretty cool if you can - you could then import it to Gif Movie Gear... I'll look into it, but it'll be a few days - getting trashed tonight :D then getting a new video card tomorrow or Friday - so, I gotta reinstall XP yet again. lol

mavis, please do not say "bling bling baby" again or I will be forced to projectile vomit all over my desk, and I would not like that much. :D
punk, you are an ass. Why'd you take the "bling bling baby" off of your profile so that I'd look like an idio... ah nevermind. I got it. :)


lol, no it was still there, hahaha
Lactic has been telling me off too :D
Mavis I'd like to apologize =) I hadn't seen [e]-punk's new title until I got to the next thread. You're not off the hook since you repeated it though...
And yes [e], "Not Electric OK?" is okay. Just about ANYTHING is okay, other than B***g B***g Baby
ok.. i won't comment on this "BBB" thing about e-punk... skip straight to the work...

yep u can export a flash animation as an .avi and then covert to .gif through a animation programme i'll do it now stick up a link in a sec... not sure if it'll come out right... never tried it b4 :)

You know if I was APK, I would start spamming all the forums about the mods hate of "bling bling baby" until I was banned, but I'm not so I won't.


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