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My drive is dying and it wont boot up XP and I cant even reinstall. The set up screen seems to go on for ever - 3 hours so far.
However I have a spare drive with XP and I'm able to interigate the old drive and can see all my folders and programs except my documents.

The drive had been formated ntfs and so is the spare.

1. can I reinstall XP again without losing files if not how do I see my documents.

Many thanks - it one in the morning and i'm going to bed.


Overclocked Like A Mother
How about trying this, Setup your newer drive as the main, then setup the older one as the slave after you get XP up and running properly on the new one. Your main problem right now is if the older drive is mechanically sound enough to let you retrieve info out of it before it dies completely. Goodluck, you are in a tough position of nearly losing your files.



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If you lose your files, goto a local PC store and ask them about data recovery, they should be able to let you know if the manufacturer can get the data back for you.

And the reason you dont see my documents is because its just meant for one users, and even if you create the same users you wouldnt be able tos ee it since its hidden from everything/everyone no matter what. So its lost if you cant boot from that old HD.

One of the more reasons i dont have the My Documents folders on my local disk but on a local network share.

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