My display moves

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I've got an ATi Radeon 9800XT with the latest 4.9 Catalyst drivers, Windows XP SP2. Recently my 2D display has started to flick to the left approx 10mm and then after a few seconds it will flick back again. It doesn't do this when I'm playing games, it's confined to Windows programs ie Desktop and Internet Explorer. I've completely removed all ATi drivers using Driver cleaner 3.3 and reinstalled them. I haven't got shared desktop or two monitors attached. I'm beggining to think it's hardware, either graphics card or monitor. The monitor is a CTX PR960F running 1600x1200 @ 85Mhz. I have had this problem on a previous system but upgrading the drivers fixed it.
Any ideas please?


Sounds like a monitor ram issue. Your display location is stored in memory and accessed in a ram whenever your resolution (or you manually) make changes. I have worked on monitors in the past in which this ram starts to go bad. When this happens, the monitor will jump different places.