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MX 510 Mouse?

How good are the Logitech MX 510 mice are? I found a good deal on one in my newspaper yesterday (they were having a Doom 3 required upgrades sale, they had discounts on updated stuff.)
Haven't used it myself, but heard only good things about it. I don't like the colors tho... Thought the MX500 had a better color. *shrugs*

heh, sorry, wasn't much of a help. :)
I just got my MX 510 in blue (the store only had blue)! It is working excellently and I'm using it right now. It doesen't glow when you move it but I started out with mice like that and it took me some time to get used to me having to get that first optical mouse because the one I had was not XP compatable.


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Sounds cool. I'll keep that in mind when I have some extra money to blow. ;)

I definitely don't know how we survived before optical mice, that's for sure. The last two track ball mice failed in a matter of months, because of the stupid ball getting dirt in it, and, no matter how hard I cleaned it, it never worked again. :p Now I'm going on close to two years with my current optical mouse.


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I have an MX500. OK it's not the 510, but isn't the 510 essentially an upgraded model of it? I haven't had any probs...and worked much better for me then the Intellimouse Explorers from MS.
I think the MX 500's are just like the MX 510's except for the updated engine and new design, the 500's were only grey. While the 510's come in Blue and red.


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Seeing a battery indicator on a mouse just makes me laugh :)

Looks very nice though; I've stuck with ball mouse for quite a while now, so it might be nice to make a jump to an optical.
mx 1000 is not bluetooth based its FastRF.

Second Optical is by nature anything that uses a lens to see where its going. I would referer it to optical laser for the time being.

and yes mx 1000 is sweeeeeet :D I have one on my desk right now and would strngly recommend it to any one looking for a mouse upgrade....or anyone with cash burning a whole insomething jsut desperate to get spent.

you know you want one and your inner geekw ill live you for it forever :D

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