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Music Creation programs



I am very interesting in generating beats, lying lyrics over, scratch and all. I was just wondering what are some of the best programs that you can download for doing this?



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Welcome deadeye247. You only need to post your question once in one forum. I've deleted the one you posted in Music :)


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For a beginner in production, Fruityloops is the way to go, you can lay down the basis of a really simple track in a matter of seconds after getting to grips with it for a day or so.
Obviously what you really want is a studio full of expensive synths plus other digital and analog instruments, but with each (decent) piece costing over £1000 (or $s) this isn't viable for most, the next best thing you will get to this is virtual instruments.
As XP Abuser said, Steinberg is where you want to go for this. CuBase is sort of an industry standard application (SX is the newest, I've been told its more stable than trusty ol' 5.1) By itself CuBase isn't really much use though, You need some instruments to use with it, now the instruments you use are going to be a personal preference and also some will be aimed more at different styles of music, so you'd be better of doing some research and possibly asking existing producers what they use, just to get a general idea.

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