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Hey Everyone,
I have a problem, I am bored with my pc...
I was thinking that i should build a multiprocessor pc, not only dual core but multi dual core... I was wondering if anywhere there is a motherboard that supports more than 2 processors... Like a motherboard with 3 or 4 processor slots...
I was thinkint i would have maybe 4 amd x2 4400s...
I'd of course purchase new memory and new hdds and new gpu and liquid cooling...
But i want to know if itsw even worth my thought, because if there are no 4 or 3 slot mobos around then i cant do it...
My friend says that you can make two computers work together by network, he said it was slow thow... So i was thinking, is there a way to connect two dual processor mobos together in a quick way so that it was unbarably fast?

Just a thought,


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OK first off, why don't you give me some money, because obviously you have too much :p

Secondly, that would be such a WASTE of money. Even if you had ONE AMD X2 4400+, you wouldn't come CLOSE to maximizing the potential of that puppy 100% of the time. If you really want something bleeding edge, wait a little for the AMD M2 or whatever it's called, it is their new chipset which is supposed to be the cat's meow, although some early tests predict otherwise.

Long story short, I would wait. You have a friggin 4600 already, if you are bored with your PC, go outside :cool:

EDIT: Also, last I checked the only AMD motherboards that were out there supporting dual processors were for Opteron's. I could be wrong on that though...


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You can go upto 8-way with AMD procs using the opteron 8xx.

You might want to save your pennies though.


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This kinda sucks,
the only processor that can be used more than twice on a board is the 800 series, which costs around 730 bucks for teh worst one...
IM not even sure if these are better than my processor right now...


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Nothing right now except in the $erver lines.

For Intel:
"The next generation of processors, however, will be available in the second half of 2007: Kentsfield in the desktop and Clowertown in the server/workstation space will merge two dual-core Conroe or Woodcrest dies into one package."

AMD hasn't announced quad desktop cpu's yet.

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